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Following is the frequently asked questions from our users, we have already provided the solution which can help solve your common issues. If you couldn't find an answer to your question, you can contact us via [email protected]

1. How to Enable/Disable CallerID?

Go to Settings > Caller ID to enable or disable Caller ID.

2. How to Enable/Disable Aftercall notifications?

Go to Settings > Caller ID to enable or disable Show after call details. The aftercall is active as default, so if you turn off the it, the Aftercall settings will be disabled.

3. Caller ID is not working (Android)?

Showcaller requires that you need a 3G or WiFi connection for Caller ID to work. This is due to technical reasons. Make sure ’Show notifications’ is enabled in your Phone Settings -> Application manager >Showcaller.

4. Caller ID is not working (Samsung)?

Samsung recently introduced a new Smart Manager feature that helps you manage your battery time. This is a great new feature but if enabled for Showcaller it could mean that you could disable caller identification and spam blocking by mistake. To ensure that you’ll always be notified about who’s calling go to your phone settings - > Battery > Details > Find Showcaller > Turn off optimization.

Please note that live caller id requires 3G or WiFi to function. This is due to technical reasons.

5. What happens when I block a call?

The caller will not know that they have been blocked. Depending on your operator, the blocked person will hear a ’busy signal’ or go to your voicemail.

6. Who can see my personal profile photos of my contacts?

Our system does not use your personal photos, we only display profile pictures if they are already public on social media.

7. Why do I still receive “one-ring” calls from blocked numbers?

Showcaller follows the Android Official API when blocking incoming calls. The “one-ring” situation may persist depending on devices, regardless of the block function provided by Showcaller.

8. Why is there warning text displayed alongside the cards?

We provide warning text for numbers that have potential security concerns. This is a general warning and not directed towards any specific user or number.